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SICON Bolted Cable Lug

SICON connectors can be used independently of the conductor material, type, voltage level and current. Thanks to the special design of the bolt, optimal contact force is always achieved. The patented SICON bolt was developed without predetermined shear-off points. This means that the full load capacity of the thread is always used, thus ensuring perfect contact pressure. A friction disc on the tip of the bolt ensures that the conductor strands are not damaged. The bolt shears off smoothly when it is tightened. The remains stay in the tool and can be safely disposed of. The bolt always shears off at the top edge of the connector body. This way, there are no sharp protrusions. All edges of the connector body are rounded.

SICON connectors are electrically/mechanically type-tested in accordance with IEC 61238-1 class A.


  • Reliable connection for all conductors
  • Optimal contact force for all conductors
  • No damage to individual strands
  • Installation with standard tools
  • Ideal for all type of joints or termination
  • Wide application range

Technical Data

Article no. 332 624 012 00001
Conductor diameter Al/Cu solid circular (mm) 30.9 - 39.0
Conductor diameter Al/Cu stranded circular compressed (mm) 34.6 - 41.2
Conductor diameter Al/Cu stranded circular (mm) 35.6 - 41.5
Quantity of mounting holes 1


External diameter (mm) 65
Internal diameter (mm) 42
Total length (mm) 250
Width of mounting lug (mm) 65
Thickness of mounting lug (mm) 24
Length of mounting lug (mm) 75
Diameter of the mounting holes (mm) 21


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