HV-CONNEX Plug-in Bushings

Pluggable bushings are a flexible alternative to conventional design bushings. The use of HV-CONNEX plug-in type bushings in gas-insulated switchgears as well as in transformers gives you maximum flexibility for continuous operation and on-site test setups in the course of cable tests.

Complicated on-site gas or oil work within the framework of startups can be dispensed with completely, as switchgears and transformers can be pre-tested in the factory and an encapsulated design is made possible.

  • No liquid insulating materials on account of dry insulation
  • Flexibility through many possible applications
  • For continuous operation and testing purposes
  • Operating voltage up to 362 kV and nominal currents up to 2.500 A
  • Capacitive voltage tap
  • Routine tested in factory according to ANSI/IEEE and IEC
Pluggable Bushings from 52 - 550 kV