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Vibrationrecorder VIBREC500PT

It is possible to establish a wireless connection between the VR500 recorders and a ground receiver connected to a computer at any time. With this new feature, it is possible to check the set up and correct functioning of the recorder as well as read out and refresh the data stored in the memory without the retrieval of the instrument from the line. The long autonomy of the recorders (about one year) allows long term recording and easily programmable installation and removal of the instruments.

The VR500 PT sub span oscillation recorder measures and records low frequency and high amplitude oscillations. A temperature sensor and a propeller anemometer supply additional input for the analysis of the phenomenon.

The recorder can perform the field measurements often required by major utilities as an acceptance test for new lines and can be used for research on sub span oscillation on lines in operation.


  • Autonomy
    About 1 Year (Depends on ambient temperature, reading interval and sample period)
  • Programmable amplitude filter
  • Real-time Clock
    Built-in real-time clock allows the user‘s presetting of beginning and end of measurements.
  • Software
    Utility software LIFE 500, for parameter set-up and data read out via PC, included. It allows evaluation and graphical presentation of data. Conductor lifetime estimation is available for VIBREC500 WT and VR500 EXT only.
  • Communication
    Built-in USB interface and Wireless connection (Wireless connectivity distance up to 60 m)

For easy and safe transportation, each recorder is supplied in a high quality aluminum suitcase containing:

  • VIBREC500 Recorder
  • VDT, PT1 (incl. 30 m cable)
  • Wireless receiver dongle
  • Installation gauge
  • USB Cable
  • LIFE500 software
  • User‘s manuals

Technical Data

Article no. 125 208 026
Position sensor PT1A
Displacement ± 381 mm / (±15 inches)
Frequency (Hz) 0.2 up to 10
Wind speed (m/s) 0.0 up to 30
Operating temperature (°C) -40 up to +80
Environment temperature (°C) -40 up to +80
Protection Type IP 66 (DIN)
Weight (kg) 0.7
Power supply 1 Lithium battery (3.6 Volt) size C
Reading interval can be preset from 15 sec to 1 hour intervals
Sample period can be preset from 1 to 10 sec intervals


Diameter aluminium tube Ø (mm) 73
Length (mm) 263


Data sheet as pdf-file


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