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Stockbridge Damper ST715


  • control aeolian vibration in each span of the line within the internationally accepted limits with the minimum number of units
  • maintain damping capacity over the entire range of ambient temperatures and for the whole expected life of the line
  • be free from corona at the maximum voltage of the line when installed on the phase conductors
  • be installed and removed on energized lines
  • be maintenance-free for the whole expected life of the line
  • maintain a suitable grip on the cable resisting the loosening effect of vibrations
  • guarantee that individual components are secured against becoming loose in service


  • Clamp: cast aluminium alloy
  • Bolt, nut, plain washer: galvanized steel
  • Safety plate: stainless steel
  • Messenger cable: galvanized steel
  • Counterweights: galvanized steel


Component Codes:
A Stainless steel messenger cable
B Shear head cap
S Stainless steel bolt
BS Shear head cap and stainless steel bolt
BSA Shear head cap, stainless steel bolt and stainless steel messenger cable

Orders with component options:
Orders for clamp options must be indicated with the component code of the desired option at the end of the part number.

Technical Data

Article no. 182 025 102
Type of attachment Bolted clamps
Clamping range A for conductor diameter Ø (mm) 7 - 15
Type ST 715



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