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In-Service Test for Three-Pole Earthing and Short-Circuiting Devices

PFISTERER have been successfully carrying out in-service tests in their own testing facility for many years. The earthing and short-circuiting devices are tested according to the specifications, and immediately adjusted or repaired if necessary. Whenever extensive repairs are necessary, we give a cost quotation.

When the tests are completed, the results are documented in detail.

To request an In-service test, please contact your local sales representative.

Customers in Germany are requested to use the following mailing address:

PFISTERER Kontaktsysteme GmbH
Bereich Instandhaltungsprüfung
Bahnhofstraße 30
89547 Gerstetten - Gussenstadt

Phone: +49 7323 83 634 or +49 7323 83 815

E-mail: service-whp@pfisterer.com

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