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In-Service Test for Phase Comparators SPPC 5 switchable

Depending on national regulations in the country concerned, in-service tests are required for phase comparators with nominal voltages above 1 kV. In Germany, these are obligatory under the "Electrical installations and equipment" (DGUV V3) accident prevention regulations. Voltage detectors must then, within a maximum period of six years, be submitted to another in-service test and specified checks. The appendix of Standard IEC 61243-1 gives a description of these tests.

PFISTERER have been successfully carrying out these in-service tests in their own testing facility for many years. The voltage detectors are tested according to the specifications, and immediately adjusted or repaired if necessary. Whenever extensive repairs are necessary, we give a cost quotation.

When the tests are completed, the results are documented in detail.

To request an In-service test, please contact your local sales representative.

Customers in Germany are requested to use the following mailing address:

PFISTERER Kontaktsysteme GmbH
Bereich Instandhaltungsprüfung
Bahnhofstraße 30
89547 Gerstetten - Gussenstadt

Phone: +49 7323 83 634 or +49 7323 83 815

E-mail: service-whp@pfisterer.com

For all detectors of the generation "KP-Test 5 / SPPC 5" PFISTERER offers the following additional services for an extra charge:

  • Battery replacement
  • Sign replacement - display unit
  • Sign replacement - insulating rod
  • Special cleaning effort

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