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Link Box LB.B.X.7.2.S3.E1.070

PFISTERER’s link boxes are key to reliable cross bonding and earthing concepts. The robust design withstands harsh operating conditions and contributes to high availability of plants. A wide product range and portfolio ensures maximum flexibility in planning of cable systems.

Technical Data

Article no. 239 003 191
Application For underground type
Material Stainless Steel ANSI 304
Link Box Type Surge arrester
Type of bonding lead Coaxial cable
Number of bonding cable entries Three cables connected to the cable screen
Number of earthing cable entries One earth connected inside the box
Rated voltage of surge arrester Ur (kV) 7
Number of phases three-phase
Conductor cross section (mm2) 300 - 400
Bonding cable conductor diameter (mm) 17 - 22
Bonding cable overall diameter (mm) 49 - 57
Earthing cable type Single core
Earthing cable diameter (mm) 14 - 25
Earthing cable overall diameter (mm) 27 - 45
Protection Type IP 68


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