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Compression Connectors Sector Hole similar to DIN 46267-2, 185 mm2 SM + 240 mm2 SE/RE

for non-tension connections of sector-shaped stranded/sector-shaped solid aluminium conductors as well as circular solid aluminium conductors complying with DIN VDE 0295.

The sector-shaped conductors need not be round-formed.

Material, surface:
Al bare

Al compression connectors are filled with compression compound and supplied in heat-sealed plastic bags.

Technical Data

Article no. 304 845 002
Type non-tension Al
Conductor cross section Al solid circular (mm2) 240
Conductor cross section Al solid sector-shaped (mm2) 240
Conductor cross section Al stranded sector-shaped (mm2) 185
Material Al
Surface uncoated
Code number 32
Number of compressions, mech. / hydr. 6-6/3-3
Blind hole no


Dimension L (mm) 130


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