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Reducing Compression connectors Al

with blind hole for non-tension connections of medium-voltage aluminium cables with plastic and paper insulation.

The compression joints bear double markings and can be either round compressed or hexagonally compressed, depending on cable type and voltage level. The blind hole prevents any oil escaping from where the plastic insulated cables meet paper insulated cables.

Material, Surface:
Al uncoated

Technical Data

Article no. 305 351 007
Type Reducing Compression Connectors
Conductor cross section d1 d1 (mm2) 185
Conductor cross section d2 d2 (mm2) 150
Material Al
Surface uncoated
Number of compressions, hexagonal hydraulic 2-2
Number of compressions, hexagonal mech. 5-5
Code number round 25 HR
Code number hexagonal 28
Blind hole yes


Diameter D1 Ø d1 (mm) 18.3
Diameter D2 Ø d2 (mm) 10
Dimension L (mm) 130


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