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Contact wire earthing clamp P51D

This contact wire earthing clamp is fitted with a flexible spindle and is used for grooved, circular or shaped conductors.

Technical description:

  • With feeler rod for easy application onto the contact wire
  • The spring-mounted thrust block is connected to the M12 connecting screw on the back by means of flexible copper straps
  • 361 499 002 with shortened feeler rod


  • Body made of cast copper, electro-tinned
  • Thrust blocks and spindle of high-strength copper alloy, electro-tinned
  • M12 A2 steel connecting screw
  • Feeler rod made of spring steel, electro-galvanized

Technical Data

Article no. 361 499 002
Area of application Railway Application
Max. cross section of connected cable (mm2) 50
Max. short-circuit current Ik 0,12 s (A) 36500
Contact wire (mm2) Ri 80 - 150
Clamping width (mm) 30
Weight (g) 1010
Remark shortened feeler rod, with flexible spindle


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