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Three-Pole CONNEX Earthing and Short-Circuiting Device with a Connection for CONNEX Socket, Size 2

Technical Data

Article no. 369 203 001 04262
Earthing Clamp U1
Clamping range earthing clamp 5 - 20
for ball pin diameter Ø (mm) 20
for T-bolt diameter Ø (mm) 15
Line clamp Connection for CONNEX Socket Size 2
Cable cross section short-circuit cable (mm2) 150
Earthing cable cross section (mm2) 50
Cable length a (m) 0.6
Cable length b (m) 0.6
Cable length d (m) 0.6
Cable length c (m) 1.5
Max. short-circuit current (kA) 29.6
Insulating material PVC transparent
Language German, English


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