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Test lead size 3-S, 52 kV, 95 mm2

The flexible testing cables are used for electrical tests on operating equipment that is equipped with CONNEX bushings.

For voltage and partial discharge tests on transformers and gas-insulated switchgears.

Standard item no.

A = Overhead line termination
B = High flexible cable
C = CONNEX cable connector
l1 = Length of the testing cable
l2 = Length of the shield wires

Technical Data

Article no. 810 105 352
Size 3-S
Max. system voltage Um (kV) 52
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage BIL (kV) 250
Rated power frequency withstand voltage 1 min (kV) 95
Rated power frequency withstand voltage 1 h (kV) 78
Nominal current in the air at 30° C (A) 440
Cable cross section (mm2) 95


Length l1 (m) 1.9
Length l2 (mm) 300


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