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DSA-LRM Continuous Voltage Indicator LRM-System

The DSA-LRM continuous voltage indicator is a plug-in indicator for the LRM system. It allows absence of voltage to be checked on the basis of capacitively sensed voltages.

Technical description:

  • No external power required
  • Voltage indication by flashing red LED
  • All-insulated system (IP66) made of impact-resistant plastic
  • Integrated connector pins with seal to the interface
  • In-service test possible with Euro-Test LRM
  • Suitable for all climate zones

Technical Data

Article no. 827 020 001
Nominal frequency fN (Hz) 50...60
Min. threshold voltage Utmin (V) 4
Min. threshold current range Itmin (µA) 1.62
Permissible ambient temperature (°C) -25 ... +55
Self-capacitance (pF) 150
Weight (g) 100
Dimensions: width x height x depth (mm) 38 x 58 x 60
Input impedance range of indicator (MΩ) 2...2.4
Max. input impedance range of indicator (MΩ) 2.4
Max. load capacitance range of the coupling system (pF) 1592
Max. permissible continuous voltage (V) 60
Max. threshold current It max Itmax (µA) 2.5
Max. threshold voltage Ut max Utmax (V) 5
Min. input impedance range of indicator (MΩ) 2
Min. load capacitance range of the coupling system 1326
Protection Type IP 66
Repetition frequency Ut (Hz) 1
load capacitance range CS of the coupling system (pF) 1326...1592
minimum operating current range It (µA) 1.62...2.5
minimum operating current voltage range Ut (V) 4...5


Height (mm) 58
Depth (mm) 60
Width (mm) 38


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