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Surge Arrester Size 4 for Transformer

The surge arrester model series HV-CONNEX size 4 is used to protect metal-enclosed switchgears (GIS) or transformers which are equipped with size 4 HV-CONNEX bushings (with or without voltage tap). The surge arrester is installed directly onto the switchgear or transformer and prevents excessively high levels of over voltage from entering the system. The surge arresters are particularly suited to limiting over voltages caused by the reflection of travelling waves.

Use of these arresters requires the transition from the overhead line to the cable to be protected with suitable arresters when using a length of cable to connect the switchgear to the overhead line.

Properties of HV-CONNEX surge arresters

  • Enclosed system
  • Solid insulation
  • No arcing
  • High short-circuit strength
  • Maintenance-free
  • Resistant for outdoor use

    Specified parameters are based on tests under the surge arrester standard IEC 60099-4.

Technical Data

Article no. 827 541 450
Size 4
Applied standard IEC60099-4
Environment temperature (°C) -25 bis +40
Rated voltage Ur Ur (kV) 45
Max. continuous rating Uc Uc (kV) 36
temporary surge (1s) UTOV(1s)
temporary surge (10s) UTOV(10s)
Max. residual voltage Ures at 1/2 10 kA (kV) 1/2 μs 10 kA (kV) 132
Max. residual voltage Ures at 5 kA, 8/20 µs 8/20 μs 5 kA (kV) 112
Max. residual voltage Ures at 8/20 μs 10 kA 8/20 μs 10 kA (kV) 119.9
Max. residual voltage Ures at 8/20 20 kA (kV) 8/20 μs 20 kA (kV) 136
Max. residual voltage Ures at 30/60 125 A (kV) 30/60 μs 125 A (kV) 88
Max. residual voltage Ures at 500 A, 30/60 μs 30/60 μs 500 A (kV) 94
Rated discharge surge current (8/20µs) (kA) 10
Bemessungs-Kurzschlusstrom (kA) 40
High peak current (4/10µs) (kA) 100
Long-wave peak current (2800 µs) (A) 420
Line discharge class 2
Power consumption capacity (kJ/kV) 4.28
Protection Type IP 66
Weight (kg) 40


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