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Voltage Detector KP-Test 5L dual, switchable, 5 - 10 kV and 20 - 36 kV

The KP-Test 5L dual capacitive voltage detector is identical in construction to the KP-Test 5L and is used at medium voltage overhead lines. This voltage detector can also be switched between two nominal voltage ranges. This allows a larger system range to be covered without increasing the interference field susceptibility.

  • Nominal voltage range: 5 - 10 kV and 20 - 36 kV
  • Nominal frequency: 50 Hz
  • Designed and type-tested according to IEC 61243-1
  • Total device length without insulating poles: 345 mm

Technical description:

  • Double signalling
  • Integrated audible signal for reliable voltage tests even in a noisy environment
  • Extremely bright LEDs in clear layout to prevent confusion
  • Maximum resistance to interference fields
  • Self-test at switch-on
  • Can be used in rain and snow
  • Available in separate design

Suitable insulating poles:

  • 973 501 001 with Lo = 725 mm
  • 624 760 001 with Lo = 1485 mm

Technical Data

Article no. 930 210 501 00039
Nominal voltage
level I
Un (kV) 5 - 10
Nominal voltage
level II
Un (kV) 20 - 36
Nominal frequency fN (Hz) 50
Suitable bag A4
suitable case K1
Voltage type AC
Area of application Overhead Line
Type of device separate
Language on labels en
Climate class W, N
Design outdoor
Power supply 2 x alkaline batteries
Type KP-Test 5L dual
Type tested according to IEC 61243-1


Total length LG (mm) 345


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