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Voltage detector KP-Test 5R DC dual

The KP-Test 5R DC dual double-pole voltage detector is similar in design to the KP-Test 5R DC. In addition, this voltage detector can be switched between two nominal voltage ranges in two steps. This allows a larger system range to be covered even when there is a high proportion of leakage current.

The KP-Test 5R DC dual has two selectable voltage steps.

Step 1:

  • Selected by briefly pressing the Power-On button
  • LED indicator: 1 x green

Step 2:

  • Selected by long pressing and holding the Power-On button
  • LED indicator: 2 x green

By deliberately selecting the voltage Level at power-up and the associated self-test, a safe and unambiguous display of the KP-Test 5R DC dual is guaranteed.

Technical description:

  • Two-pole version for catenary systems of DC voltage railways with nominal voltages between 500 and 4,000 V DC
  • Second pole designed as a handy magnet connection to rail (cable length = 6.5 m)
  • Switchable voltage range
  • Contact electrode designed as a hook with high-quality contact pin for optimum contact
  • Self-test at power up also checks the connection cable
  • Suitable für precipitation (rain, snow)
  • Integrated acoustic signal for reliable voltage testing even in noisy environment
  • Extremely strong light-emitting diodes in a confusion-free arrangement
  • Detection of induced AC signals
  • Voltage test possible even with high leakage current share on disconnected contact wires
  • Available in separate design without insulating bar
  • Available in separate design without insulating bar, but with additional adapters
  • Available in a matching design with insulating rod in three parts (poles RP1 and UP, overall length about 5,000 mm),or in five parts (poles RP2, RP3, RP4 and UP, total length about 4,880 mm)
  • Available with matching bag

Other versions with deviating nominal voltages, ranges of nominal voltage and languages are available on request.


Insulating rods in three-part design. Overall length approx. 5.000 mm

  • 624 780 001 - UP - Insulating pole top
  • 620 780 001 - RP1 - Insulating pole lower part

Insulating rods in five-part design. Overall length approx. 4.880 mm

  • 624 780 002 - UP - Insulating pole top
  • 623 929 100 - RP4 - Insulating pole extension 2
  • 623 929 001 - RP3 - Insulating pole extension 1
  • 623 930 001 - RP2 - Insulating pole lower part

Technical Data

Article no. 930 350 501 00017
Quantity of insulating poles 2
Nominal voltage DC Level I Un (V) 600
Nominal voltage DC Level II Un (V) 1200
Suitable bag B3
Voltage type DC
Area of application Catenary Wires
Language on labels de
Type KP-Test 5R DC dual


Transporting length LT (mm) 2450


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