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Single-Pole Phase Comparator SPPC 5, 20 kV

Phase comparators for medium voltage are used to check phase coincidence in three-phase networks. Single-pole phase comparators of type SPPC have the same construction as PFISTERER voltage detectors. This ensures a high level of both safety and reliability. With the single-pole phase comparator SPPC, phase comparison is achieved by making contact with both conductors one after the other. For reliable phase comparison, a rated frequency between 49.9 and 50.1 Hz is required, with a maximum frequency drift of 10 mHz/s.

  • Nominal voltage range: 20 kV
  • Nominal frequency: 50 Hz
  • Designed and type-tested according to IEC 61481

Technical description:

  • Visual signalling
  • Green, red and yellow LED display
  • Maximum resistance to interference fields
  • Self-test at switch-on
  • Can be used in rain and snow
  • Removeable contact electrode top piece, as forked electrode

Technical Data

Article no. 930 400 001 00140
Nominal voltage Un (kV) 20
Nominal frequency fN (Hz) 50
Suitable bag A3
suitable case K3
Carrying bag included no
Voltage type AC
Area of application Switchgear / Overhead Line
Type of device complete
Language on labels en
Climate class W, N
Contact electrode Fork electrode
Design indoor and outdoor
Power supply 2 x Lithium batteries
Type SPPC 5
Type tested according to IEC 61481


Total length LG (mm) 1270
Penetration depth Ai (mm) 450
Length of handle LH (mm) 288
Insulating length LI (mm) 525
Transporting length LT (mm) 730
Diameter of insulating element d (mm) 24


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