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Supported Outdoor Termination EST72-C23-SUB SA, 72.5 kV, dry-insulated, with surge arrester

Cable termination and surge arrester in one

With the EST SUB SA, the surge arrester serves as a fixing point for the cable termination at the same time. No additional supporting elements are necessary. Various response voltages for the surge arrester are available.

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Oil- and gas-free - leak-proof
  • Maintenance-free
  • 100% electrically individually tested
  • Proven technology

Technical Data

Article no. EST72-C23-SUB SA
Max. system voltage Um (kV) 72.5
Type Termination dry-insulated, supported, for substations, with surge arrester (EST-SUB SA)
Applicable standards IEC 60840, IEC 60815
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage BIL (kV) 325
Conductor cross section (mm2) 95 - 2500
Diameter over cable insulation - prepared (mm) 32.5 - 114.5
Max. diameter over outer cable sheath (mm) 154
Minimum creepage distance (mm) 2248
Min. arcing distance (mm) 986
Environment temperature (°C) -50 up to +55°C
Applied standard for the integrated surge arrester IEC 60099
Rated voltage Ur of the integrated surge arrester (kV) 54 - 114 kV available in steps of 3 kV
Nominal discharge current of the integrated surge arrester (kA) 10 or 20
Line discharge class of the integrated surge arrester SM or SH
3 or 4
Max. rated short circuit current of the integrated surge arrester (kA) 63


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