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MSA300-XKMG one-piece slip-on joint

IXOSIL joints for permanent cable connections

The well proven slip-on technology permits fast installation and the secure connection of cables with extruded insulation with copper or aluminum conductors. Using the patented SICON bolted connector allows the conductor to connected with optimal contact force and without special tools.

  • Fast installation
  • Simple slip-on technology, proven in many years of service
  • Water-resistant housing
  • Combination of different conductor materials (aluminum, copper)
  • Main insulation: Silicone

Technical Data

Article no. MSA300-XKMG
Type Screen interruption with 1 concentric bonding cable
Applicable standard IEC62067
Max. system voltage Um (kV) 300
Nominal voltage UN 275 - 287
U0 for Determination of Test Voltage (kV) 160
Rated design voltage to ground (kV) 173
AC withstand voltage - 15 min (kV) 400
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage BIL (kV) 1050
Heating cycles (kV) 320
Rated power frequency withstand voltage - 30 min (kV) 400
Rated short-time withstand current 1 s 1 s (kA) 63
Sectionalizer BIL - across shield (kV) 95
Sectionalizer BIL - to ground (kV) 47.5
Sectionalizer DC 1 min (kV) 25
Switching impulse voltage test (kV) 850
Mechanical impact according BS 7912:2012 chapter 16.8
Field control method geometrical
Metallic housing yes
Outer protection PP plastic housing


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