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Assembly and Disassembly Tool PLUG P2 and P3

The PLUG assembly and disassembly tool is used for the safe dismantling and assembly of the aluminum sleeves of the connector types P2EC1, P2EC2, P3EC1 and P3EC2. During disassembly, the sleeve can be disassembled safely and without damaging the connector even after years of operation due to the defined impact surface on the striker.

The assembling of the plastic parts into the aluminum sleeve is carried out by means of a lever transmission. The unit acting on the plastic parts can be replaced by a simple plug-in operation. This unit has a negative shape corresponding to the plastic parts for the connector types P2EC1 and P3EC1 and two arms with felt cover for P2EC2 and P3EC2.

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Article no. 305 405 010


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