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2DIREKT A One Wire Power Supply Terminal Clamp

The 2DIREKT A version allows cables to be connected to busbars. The clamp is mounted directly on the busbar. Fine grooves on the underside of the clamp make line contact, ensuring very good power transmission that remains stable over time with minimal contact resistance. Depending on the installation situation, 2DIREKT A is available with a through hole, threaded hole or stud bolt.


  • Connector body of high-strength alluminium alloy, tinned
  • Pressure bolts of steel, zinc based coating


  • Can be connected horizontally or vertically
  • Patented thrust bolt with integrated spring washer
  • Secure line contact from grooves - both in the wire channel and on the clamp's bottom
  • Suitable for the whole conductor range without wire-end ferrules
  • Closed conductor channel for secure contact with all single conductors
  • Compact design
  • Can be mounted side by side
  • Electrical type-tested according to IEC 61238-1 class A

Technical Data

Article no. 331 745 005
Number of conductor 1
Conductor Cross Sections (mm2) 35 - 240
Wire classes Aluminium class 1 and 2, Copper class 1, 2 and 5
Connection type hole
Bolt size (mm) 13,5
Assembly tool SW8
Tightening torque (Nm) 55


Diameter wire channel hole (mm) 24.4
Length (mm) 64
Width (mm) 30
Height (mm) 34


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