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2DIREKT Two Wire Transformer Terminal Clamp

for terminal bolts compliant with DIN EN 50386.

For horizontal or vertical connection of Cu or Al cables to the secondary side of distribution transformers with DIN EN 50386 compliant bolted connections (1 kV).

2DIREKT terminal clamps are type tested in compliance with IEC 61238 with Cu cables, 240 mm2.

Body: high-strength Al alloy, tin-plated
Bolts: Steel, zinc based coating

Width across flats 8 for thrust bolts, 55 Nm.
Width across flats 6 for cheese-head bolts, 25 Nm.

Other types on request.

Technical Data

Article no. 331 746 006
Number of conductor 2
Connection possibility horizontal, vertical
Conductor Cross Sections (mm2) 35 - 240
Conductor type round stranded flexible, round stranded, sector shaped stranded
Bolted connection (mm) M16
Transformer size (kVA) 250/400
Maximum current (A) 400
Earthing possibility yes
min. distance between termination (mm) 93


Length (mm) 70
Width (mm) 64
Height (mm) 34


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