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2DIREKT Pressure Screw With Ball Pin D25

PFISTERER offers special ball fixed points for 2DIREKT transformer terminal clamps for attaching earthing and short-circuiting devices.

This ball fixed point is suitable for all 2DIREKT clamps with a conductor cross section range of 35 – 240 mm2 and is designed with thread and pressure plate so it can be directly used for contacting instead of using a pressure screw. The assembly is only permitted either on a conductor or a spacer.

This version is suitable for uncovered and covered applications - provided that an appropriate cover with earthing possibility is available. The use with a cover is only possible by using a corresponding spacer.

In connection with a cover including earthing possibility the ball fixed point can be used in general for vertical and horizontal cable outlets. Excepted from this is the combination with a flat two conductor clamp (331 746 00X) including this ball fixed point and a fitting cover. In this case only a vertical cable outlet is possible.

The ball fixed points correspond in their dimensioning to DIN 48088 Part 1.

Technical Data

Article no. 331 750 101
Geeignet für 2DIREKT Transformer Terminal Clamps 35 - 240 mm2
Thread M26 x 1,5
Width across flats (SW) 22
Ball Pin Diameter Ø (mm) 25
Maximum permissible short-circuit current IK(kA/1s) 29.6
Surface tinned


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