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Set: 1 kV Connection Joint with 4 Pieces Bolted Connectors 332710040, 4-cores, PVC/XLPE 35Cu + 50-120 + 150 SE, Parking Position

This joint kit, based on DIN SPEC 47640, inclusive insulated screw connectors are suitable for connections with PVC or XLPE insulated cables for low voltage applications up to 1 kV.
It is also suitable for live working while complying with legal regulations.

DAS = Diameter, outer tubing
DIS = Diameter, inner tubing
LAS = Length, outer tubing
LIS = Length, inner tubing

Technical Data

Article no. 332 818 740
Number of conductor 4
Number of screw connectors 4
Conductor cross section (mm2) 35 Cu + 50 - 120 + 150 SE
No. LV screw connector 332 710 040
with parking position yes
Shear bolts yes


Joint outside diameter DAS Ø (mm) 115/23
Joint inside diameter DIS Ø mm 51/8
Joint length LAS (mm) 960
Joint inner length LIS Ø mm 244


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