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1 kV Connection Joint for Bolted and Crimp Connectors, 4-cores, VPE/PVC 25-95, Parking Position and Repair Sleeve

On the basis of DIN SPEC 47640.

DAS = Diameter, outer tubing
DIS = Diameter, inner tubing
DH = Envelope circle
LAS = Length, outer tubing
LIS = Length, inner tubing

Technical Data

Article no. 333 115 213
Number of conductor 4
Conductor cross section (mm2) 25 - 95


Joint outside diameter DAS Ø (mm) 93/25
Joint inside diameter DIS Ø mm 33/8
Joint length LAS (mm) 1000
Joint inner length LIS Ø mm 190
Connector envelope circle DH (mm) 28
Connector diameter D Ø (mm) 25
Connector length (mm) 55


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