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Contact wire earthing clamp P50D

This contact wire earthing clamp has a twist-proof earthing cable terminal at the front. The frame and thrust block are finely grooved to ensure secure electric contact and firm mechanical grip even when the conductors are corroded.

Technical description:

  • Conductor range 4.5 – 35 mm
  • With feeler rod for verifying absence of voltage to railway-internal specifications


  • Clamp and thrust block made of AlMgSi (aluminium alloy)
  • A2 stainless steel spindle
  • A2 steel connecting screw

Technical Data

Article no. 363 418 003
Area of application Railway Application
Type P50D
Max. cross section of connected cable (mm2) 150
Max. short-circuit current IK 1s (kA) 29.6
Contact wire (mm2) 4,5 - 35
Clamping range (mm) 4,5 - 35
Clamping width (mm) 34
Weight (g) 815
Remark with feeler rod


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