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Insulating Pole

This insulating pole is suitable for use on installations with nominal voltages up to 30 kV. It consists of a handle, a hand protection disc, an insulating part, a limiting disc and an operating head.

Technical description:

  • Operating head with roller locking device
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but not in rain or snow
  • Red ring as visible limit of penetration depth
  • Limiting disk as hand guard
  • Insulating poles made of yellow fibre-glass reinforced polyester tube

Technical Data

Article no. 363 810 810
Application Insulating pole
Nominal voltage Un (kV) 30
Rated voltage Ur Ur (kV) 36
Max. permissible weight (kg) 20


Total length LG (mm) 1038
Transporting length (mm) 1038
Length of insulating element LI (mm) 525
Length of handle LH (mm) 450
Diameter of insulating element d (mm) 33


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