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Cable Testing Socket, Size 2, not Scoop-Proof

to be used during carrying out start-up tests on cables with CONNEX cable connectors size 2.

The cable test socket is not scoop-proof. After testing, the test socket must be earthed and short-circuited. The cable test socket is not suitable for partial discharge measuring.

Technical Data

Article no. 827 125 002
Size 2
Applicable standards EN 50180, EN 50181
Working place indoor and outdoor
Environment temperature (°C) -25°C up to 50°C
Nominal voltage Un (kV) 36
Highest voltage Um (kV) 42
Rated design voltage to ground U0 (kV) 21
Rated power frequency withstand voltage 1 h (kV) 63
Frequency (Hz) 0.1 - 300
Partial discharge measuring (pC) not applicable
Field control method geometrical
Type pre-molded
Material Epoxy Resin
Production method injection moulding
Weight (kg) 4


Diameter (mm) 122
Height (mm) 180
Pitch circle diameter (mm) 102
Connection cable cross-section / length (mm2 / mm) 3.1 / 1000
Hole size cable lug (mm) 8.5


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