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CONNEX Quadruple Elbow Bushing, Size 3, up to 52 kV


  • Elbow Bushing for mounting into transformers
  • For clamping and plug-in type connection
  • Enables plug-in of four CONNEX components
  • Insulating medium: oil (max. operating temperature: 100°C)


  • Testing of transformer in factory due to short time amount for plugging the accessories
  • Assembly time is significantly reduced and safe assembling guaranteed
  • Touch-proof, maintenance-free and floodable (IP67)

Technical Data

Article no. 827 146 337
Size 3
Max. system voltage Um (kV) 52
Nominal voltage Un (kV) 45 - 47
Conductor Earth Voltage U0 (kV) 26
Applicable standards EN 50180-3
Cone length inside transformer (mm) 125
Pitch circle diameter for fastening (mm) 200
Cone standard
Working place indoor, outdoor and offshore
Insulation medium mineral oil or ester
Routine test: AC withstand voltage 1 min. (kV) 95
Routine test: Partial discharge test < 5 pC at (kV) 52
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage BIL (kV) 250
Rated current Ir per socket (A) 1250
Rated current Ir contact pin clamping-type (A) 3150
Rated current Ir contact pin plug-in-type (A) 2200


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