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HV-CONNEX Pluggable Bushing, size 6-S up to 245 kV, outdoor use


  • Permanent connection of transformers to blank conductors (e.g. overhead lines or busbar systems in substations)
  • Transformer tests in factory-sealed condition
  • Establishing temporary connections

The pluggable bushings are equipped with a capacitive voltage tap.

  • Quick installation with no laborious gas or oil work
  • Easy to plug in to device-side pre-installed socket
  • Maintenance-free and leak-free thanks to solid insulation
  • Multiple pluggable - simplified transport of transformer and bushing
  • The bushing can be replaced with CONNEX cable terminations

Technical Data

Article no. 828 192 001
Size 6-S
Applied standard IEC 60137:2011
Working place outdoor or indoor, offshore on request
Rated frequency (Hz) 50
Max. system voltage Um (kV) 245
Rated design voltage to ground (kV) 127-133
Rated power frequency withstand voltage 1 min (kV) 460
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage BIL (kV) 1050
Nominal current 1250
Type RIP Technology


Length (mm) 3195


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