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CONNEX Separable Connector, Size 4, up to 72.5 kV


  • Pluggable separable connector for all XLPE cables
  • Available as factory-tested and preassembled field installation cable


  • The separable connector is installed without any gas- and oilwork at the transformer or GIS
  • Considerably reduced installation time and safe installation
  • Horizontal, vertical and angeled versions for connection to GIS and tranformers
  • Rapid separation and change of cable and equipment possible
  • Touchproof, submersible, and maintenance-free
  • Routine-tested from factory

*) depending on conductor cross section and conductor material

Technical Data

Article no. 849 999 999 xxxxx
Max. system voltage Um (kV) 72.5
Size 4
Type designation dry-type termination
Applicable standards IEC 60840, IEC 63026
Working place outdoor and indoor
offshore on request
Nominal voltage Un (kV) 60 - 69
Conductor residual voltage U0 (kV) 36
Rated power frequency withstand voltage 1 min (kV) 140
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage BIL (kV) 325
Heating cycles (kV) 72
Partial discharge test < 5pc at (kV) 54
Rated power frequency withstand voltage - 30 min (kV) 90
Partial discharge test < 2pC at (kV) 54
Nominal current*) IN (A) 2500
Rated short-time withstand current (kA) 50
Rated impulse current CALCULATED (kA) 160
Conductor material copper or aluminium
Diameter of conductor Ø (mm) 9.3 - 55.9
Conductor cross section area (mm2) 95 - 2000
Diameter of insulating (mm) 33 - 78.5
Connection method Compression connection


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