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The ISICOMPACT product family is the answer from PFISTERER, the inventor of multi-core cable junction technology, to modern labour standards and is perfect for live-line working.

The patented design offers the following advantages compared to conventional clamping rings:

  • Single-screw solution with built-in torque wrench
  • IP2X contact protection against electrical hazards during all assembly steps
  • Stripping of tap conductors no longer necessary
  • Tap conductors are inserted, laborious threading from the front no longer required
  • Flexible pressure plates ensure a continuous contact force
  • Reduced variant diversity due to broad application areas
  • Compact designs
  • Suitable for all cable conductor types (EN 60228 - N(A)YY, N(A)2XY, N(A)KBA, N(A)Y2Y, N(A)2X2Y)

The ISICOMPACT M is the standard for the most common cross section combinations.

*At 150 mm2 round stranded main cables only 6 - 25 mm2 solid sector-shaped / stranded sector-shaped, 6 - 35 mm2 round stranded and 6 - 50 mm2 round solid tap cables are possible.

Technical Data

Article no. 331 896 003
Number of wires 4
Conductor cross section Al solid sector-shaped (mm2) 70 - 185
Conductor cross section Al stranded circular (mm2) 70 - 150*
Conductor cross section Cu stranded circular (mm2) 70 - 150*
Conductor cross section Al stranded sector-shaped (mm2) 70 - 150
Conductor cross section Cu stranded sector-shaped (mm2) 70 - 150
Cross section of tap conductor (mm2) 6 - 50 + 70 SE*
Width across flats (SW) 13
Circumscribed circle diameter (mm) 94 - 114
Screw length (mm) 130
Matching joint set AM 130/300, AM 140/420N, AM 140/420K


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