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CONNEX Separable Connector, Size 2, up to 42 kV

For cables that are not produced according to DIN VDE, a unique item number for the required MV-CONNEX cable connectors from size 0-3-S is determined using a product configurator. To do this, the form must be filled out to determine the MV-CONNEX cable connectors. The unique item number is made up of a master number and a variant number and contains all parts needed to connect and earth the cable in question.

Technical Data

Article no. 829 999 999
Size 2
Max. system voltage Um (kV) 42
Cable specification any standard
Capacitive voltage tap with or without
for cable cross section (mm2) 25 - 400
Max. diameter over PE/XLPE insulation max. Ø (mm) 36


Data sheet as pdf-file
Drawing as pdf-file
Specification Form for MV CONNEX Separable Connectors
Guide to Specification form MV CONNEX


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